Sea Change Ocean Literacy Resources

New Sea Change Infographics:

How to make a Sea Change in the kitchen, bathroom, supermarket, office,

on the commute, and when eating on the go.


SC kitchen V8


SC bathroom V7


SC office V4


SC supermarket V7 


SC commute V5


SC eating V3


SeaChange Infographic PlasticPollution Final

 New Infographic: Plastics in the Marine Environment (also available in Dutch)

Human Health and the Ocean Factsheets (French version also available)
OL Boolet 2pgs
Ocean Literacy Leaflets
Poster Image
Ocean Literacy Poster

Sea Change: Increasing Ocean Literacy

Our Ocean Our Oxygen

Human Health and the Ocean



World Ocean Day Fishy Fact Cards
500 years of ocean change
500 years of ocean change