Sea Change WorkPackages

The Sea Change project is structured around nine technical Work Packages (WPs), which directly meet the project’s goals, and address the ethical, training, and dissemination issues of the project. The WPs are coordinated by WP9, which is fully dedicated to project management.

Work Package 1: Sea Change Fundamentals - Baseline Review

WP1 Lead partner: European Marine Board (EMB)

WP1 Coordinator: Dr. Niall McDonough and Veronica French

Contact details: or

The objective of WP1 is to conduct focused baseline reviews of existing knowledge to support the overall concepts of the project and the objectives of the mobilisation Work Packages (WP3 - Education & Lifelong Learning, WP4 - Sea Action and WP5 - Governance).

Specific Objectives:
• Provide an introduction to the concept of Ocean Literacy and its development.
• Review and synthesise research on the links between the ocean and human health.
• Summarise current public perception studies on marine environmental issues.
• Conduct separate reviews for each of the three mobilisation ‘pillars’ of the project (i.e. Education, Engagement and Governance).

Task 1.1: Develop dynamic materials to present the concept of OL and the Sea Change Initiative.
Task 1.2: Review and synthesise research on the links between the planet's seas and oceans and human health
Task 1.3: Review public perception studies on marine environmental issues and ways of bringing about societal change
Task 1.4: Review in support of the project pillars, Education, Sea Action and Governance

Work Package 2: Social Innovation and Participation Processes (SIPPS)

WP2 Lead partner: National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) 

WP2 Coordinator: Dr. Christine Domegan

Contact details:

Objective: The objective of WP2 is to co-develop and support selected social innovation participation and consultation processes and protocols to be used over the whole duration of the project, supporting all other WPs.

Specific Objectives:
• Define OL co-creation principles for Sea Change WPs
• Train the Sea Change partnership to become OL “Sea Change agents”
• Design Sea Change co-discovery, co-design, co-delivery consultations protocols underpinned by OL cocreation principles for application in WP3, 4, and 5
• Train WP3, 4, and 5 in Sea Change co-discovery, co-design, co-create consultation protocols for WP3, 4, 5 activities
• Refine OL co-creation principles based on test sites and WPs results
• Train the extended Sea Change networks to become OL “Sea Change agents

Task 2.1 Define OL co-creation principles and benchmarks for application and testing in WP3, 4, 5, scaling up in WP6 and evaluation in WP8
Task 2.2 Train the Sea Change partnership to become OL “Sea Change Agents”
Task 2.3 Design co-discovery, co-design and co-delivery consultation protocols for WPs 3, 4 and 5
Task 2.4 Deliver a participation protocols learning workshop and manual.
Task 2.5 Train the extended Sea Change partner networks to become OL “Sea Change agents”

Work Package 3: Mobilisation: Education & Lifelong Learning

WP3 Lead partner: Göteborgs Universitet (UGOT)

WP3 Coordinator: Geraldine Fauville and Dr. Susan Gotensparre

Contact details: and

Objective: The aim of WP3 is to focus on education and lifelong learning as a powerful vehicle for sustainable change. WP3 will carry out actions focused on empowering educators, students and educational communities to help address Ocean Literacy and advocate behaviour change for Seas and Ocean Health, sustainable beyond the Sea Change project.

Specific Objectives:
• Facilitating the uptake of existing and new OL teaching resources.
• Develop the concept of “Blue Schools” as a potential long term initiative for empowerment
• Empower formal educators with marine teaching practices through training and networking opportunities.

Task 3.1: Consultation with Education Stakeholders
Task 3.2: Identify and facilitate access to and uptake of existing “OL” learning elements
Task 3.3: Develop new innovative learning elements specifically communicating Seas and Oceans Health
Task 3.4: Develop and Pilot the concept of “Blue Schools” as a long term empowering initiative
Task 3.5: Empower teachers to become champions of change through engagement and support of European teacher training/summer schools
Task 3.6: Establish and develop a peer community of marine educators
Task 3.7: Monitor, measure and assess the success of WP3 actions

Work Package 4: Mobilisation: Sea Action – where society and science meet

WP4 Lead partner: VLIZ

WP4 Coordinator: Dr. Jan Seys

Contact details: 

Objectives: The objective of WP4 is to mobilise/engage the wider public and target various subgroups on how the seas and ocean affects our daily lives and on how we citizens also have an impact on the health of the seas and ocean.

Specific Objectives:
• Develop tools and activities that stimulate high-profile information exchange and engage target audiences in the links between the marine environment and human health.
• Explore how societal change in people’s attitude, behaviours, values and attitude towards the seas can be brought about by identifying/testing innovative formats, including Citizen Science.
• Create interaction among different groups in society with the aim of multiplying and transferring knowledge and stories on how a more ocean literate society could look like.

Task 4.1: Public consultation with citizens and development/testing of Ocean SIPP
Task 4.2: Co-creation of content for a European-wide internet-based platform as a tool for co-design, sharing and idea generation across Society
Task 4.3: Citizen Science Ocean Initiative
Task 4.4 Public engagement across Europe through innovation

Work Package 5: Mobilisation: Marine Governance

WP5 Lead partner: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

WP5 Coordinator: Dr Francesca Santoro

Contact details:

Objectives: WP5 will engage in a dialogue with key actors of the international marine governance system with a particular focus on Europe and the trans-Atlantic context on the link between human health and the health of the seas and ocean in order to improve decision-making and subsequent policy development.

Specific Objectives
• Consult with marine governance actors on the link between the seas and ocean with human health and how this might feature in International and European Policy
• Engage in a dialogue with policy actors and private sector actors on the role the seas and ocean plays in a healthy planet and society
• Research and develop effective tools and methods for establishing a science-society-policy interface in order to support information policy-making and governance of the ocean in the most effective ways possible

Task 5.1: Review and analysis of the international marine governance system actors and mechanisms with particular reference to European and trans-Atlantic context
Task 5.2: Consult and engage in a dialogue with key actors of the marine governance system on the link between seas and ocean and human health
Task 5.3: Tools and mechanism for enhancing science-policy interface

Work Package 6:Sea Change Legacy

WP6 Lead partner: Ciencia Viva-Agencia Nacional Para a Cultura Cientifica e Tecnologica

WP6 Coordinator: Dr. Ana Noronha

Contact details:

Objectives: The objective of WP6 is to build on the project activities, their outputs and impacts with a view to ensure there is a legacy to Sea Change beyond the project duration and to improve OL of European Citizens so that they can become more active actors of change to help protect the seas and ocean.

Specific Objectives:
• Disseminate best practice in Sea Change
• Develop networks of Sea Change with a view to their continuation beyond the project
• Develop a Legacy Action Plan

Task 6.1: Carry out Communications activities in conjunction with established thematic days
Task 6.2: Engage and collaborate with science centres, museums and aquaria as multipliers of the outcomes of Sea Change
Task 6.3: Engage with other initiatives and programmes involved in Ocean Literacy and related seas and ocean issues for exchange, synergies and cooperation
Task 6.4: Engage with private sector actors in marine/maritime sectors to communicate the benefits of an Ocean Literate public and explore synergies and cooperation
Task 6.5: Develop a Key Outputs Brochure, refinement of the co-creation Ocean Literacy principles and Strategic Plan for the sustainability of the Sea Change project

Work Package 7: Dissemination and Communication

WP7 Lead partner: AquaTT

WP7 Coordinator: Tanja Calis

Contact details:

• To create a project branding identity and suitable promotional materials
• To disseminate information about the project’s activities and results
• To develop Sea Change public awareness campaign
• To support the communication activities and design and production of outputs from the other project WPs
• To compile and disseminate new knowledge and outcomes generated within the project and facilitate uptake of results by stakeholders and end users

Task 7.1 Implementation of Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (DEP)
Task 7.2 Create the Sea Change public campaign to raise awareness of the interconnectedness of seas, ocean and human health
Task 7.3 General Project Dissemination
Task 7.4 Development of project website
Task 7.5 Provision of communications support across all other WPs
Task 7.6 Ensuring visibility and promotion of the Sea Change project at relevant events
Task 7.7 End of Project Conference and Outputs

Work Package 8: Impact Evaluation

WP8 Lead partner: CEFAS

WP8 Coordinator: Paul Buckley

Contact details:

Objectives: To develop and implement an evaluation programme. The programme will measure the impact of activities carried out within the project, and establish a framework to evaluate wider impacts beyond the project lifetime.

Specific Objectives:
• Devise a cross-cutting evaluation programme.
• Develop appropriate impact metrics for mobilisation work package activities.
• Monitor the impact that mobilization activities are having and provide advice to mobilization work packages to increase impact over the project lifetime.

Task 8.1: Development of a project evaluation programme
Task 8.2: Review of existing impact metrics and application to mobilization WP activities
Task 8.3: Monitoring and reviewing impact of mobilisation WP activities

Work Package 9: Project Management

WP9 Lead partner: Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

WP9 Coordinator: Jon Parr

Contact details: or

Objectives: WP9 deals with the administrative management of the Sea Change project.

Specific Objectives:
• Guarantee from the start of the project that there is full participation from all partners to ensure that the contract is executed in a timely and efficient way and that the project objectives are met.
• Ensure that the work and tasks are completed on time and to a high quality.
• Monitor the expenses and allocation of the budget, ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, and make necessary adjustments to the implementation of the project, including potential deviations.
• Ensure that reporting is done on a periodic basis, in the most efficient and pragmatic way, according to Commission guidelines to provide all consortium members with all important and high-impact information that may influence the outcome of the project.
• Ensure full cooperation between consortium partners and the EC to enable Sea Change to be fully implemented.
• Ensure International cooperation and knowledge sharing especially with partners in North America and Canada

Task 9.1: Development and implementation of management structure and tools
Task 9.2 International collaboration
Task 9.3 Commencement of the Project
Task 9.4 Communication and administration among partners
Task 9.5 Financial and Project administration
Task 9.6 Gender issues


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